Signs of Renewal

19th February 2018

Today, 19th Feb,  our new Church sign arrived and was installed.  It is not much in the great scheme of things.  But it is a visible symbol of our living church, wanting to reach out and welcome those around us.  Signs in themselves, of course are nothing in themselves.  The only point to something beyond themselves.  They are not the end, they are just a maker to the destination.  So, as we renew out presence in our community, may we be renewed this Lent.  Our welcome, our work and our worship will now be visible to anyone passing as a tangible sign to all.  Our hope is that it may be that our hearts and souls follow in close proximity to echo the sign and point to the living and active Kingdom in this place.

Many thanks to everyone who helped design the new sign and to Steve who installed it and everyone at signsforchurches  for their help.



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