Christmas Shopping

That time of the year is upon us once more, if you are someone who buys from Amazon you can now also support St Paul & St John the Evangelist buy purchasing your items through the portal below. You don’t pay any more and the church gets a very small amount from qualifying purchases. If you click below you will be taken to the official Amazon store you will see everything is as was in your previous none smile store. At the top left you will see a tab for selecting the charity you wish to support – we hope you will choose us, we are listed as St Paul & St John The Evangelist.

Thank you.

All Saints

This year we will be celebrating All Saints on Sunday 31st October at 11am. If you wish to bring the liturgy with you on an electronic device you will find the pdf below.

From its earliest days, the Church has recognized as its foundation stones those heroes of the faith whose lives have excited others to holiness and have assumed a communion with the Church on earth and the Church in heaven.

Celebrating the Feast of All Saints began in the fourth century. At first, it was observed on the Sunday after the Feast of Pentecost; this was to link the disciples who received the gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, the foundation of the Church, with those who were martyrs, giving their lives as witnesses for the faith.

In the eighth century, a pope dedicated a chapel to All Saints in Saint Peter’s at Rome on 1 November. Within a century this day was being observed as All Saints’ Day.

Welcome to St Paul and St John the Evangelist

We are the presence of the Scottish Episcopal Church in Monklands.  The three historic SEC congregations in Coatbridge, Gartcosh and Airdrie now worship from one building.  Together, we hope we offer an open and inclusive welcome, together we worship, and together we work.  We gather around the table of hospitality, the table of the Lord, and the table of our work and study.  All are welcome, all may share, all may join in.

Please do come visit, we are situated in Springwells Ave, Airdrie.