Mighty Mite

Melting ice, rising seas.
Mounting rubbish, thinning ozone.
Malnutrition, dirty water.
Air rich with things not seen until,
lung, tree, plant fail.
Sky weeping rain or dry beyond measure.
Earth groaning, aching from deep wounds
forced open, again, and again, and again.
Sweeping robes, make way, make way;
important people passing by.
Words upon words; 
deferred promises,
passing the buck,
hand washing extraordinaire.
Heartfelt pleas,
blown away by private jets.
Two small coins,
small sound, big noise.
A cairn of sacrifices
transfiguring into a mountain 
of hope and love.
Like the altars of the past 
marking God’s presence 
on mountain top and within heart.
From east and west,
north and south,
the fearful and the fearless
small sacrifices, piled upon each other,
made big.

The Dear Green Place, a Holy Place,
sacred from the beginning when 
with the Spirits breath
all came into being.
Small steps walked by many
hope reborn,
speaking truth to power,
asserting care for life now
and for generations yet to be.
One Life, and one life, and many more one lives
rich offering of love,
hallowing a Green with Halos. 

Currently COP26 is taking place just up the road in Glasgow and I was quickly struck on my first reading of this weeks Gospel, the Widow’s Mite, about the import or the small things. People have walked the length of the UK and from even further afield to be in Glasgow. Small countries like the Marshall Islands have come to express their concerns about the damage that is being done and the threat that rising sea levels are causing to their very existence.  But it has been the big polluters and their delayed responses dressed up as some kind of benevolence that have been most seen and heard.  On Saturday there is a faith and belief march that will go through the city from west to east, ending in Glasgow Green, a large park by the Clyde.  So for my doodle this week I have simply copper leaved a couple of wooden disks for the two small coins of the Gospel, and placed them on a map of Glasgow Green as if halos.

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