Our Vestry

While everyone contributes to the church in Monklands, there are some who are generous enough to take on a further burden.  The full details of their responsibilities can be found here:


but essentially they keep the church running day to day, week, month and year in and year out.  We are thankful for everything they do.  Our Current vestry comprises of: Geoff Sage, who is vestry secretary Ann Diamond, who along with, Jeanette Cummings are our treasurers. Suzi Hainey is our youth link, Jim Charnley our hall convenor, Allison Gordon and Ronnie Orr is our lay representative, and like all of the vestry takes on tasks which need done with great generosity.

The Rector chairs the vestry, but it is the least of the works.  This team is superlative in its support for the church and its members.  Much of the work goes on quietly end behind the scenes, bringing the kingdom to Monklands. and providing a sacred space for the people here to come and encounter God.