We are delighted for any couple who are planning to make the lifetime commitment to each other in marriage and we welcome them.  We would love to help you celebrate your big day, but please remember that we too might have other commitments, therefore if you would like to get married in St Paul and St John the Evangelist please check with the Rector that any dates you are considering are free before making plans to use the Church.

People sometimes ask whether they can get married in church if they have been married before.  The short answer is in most cases yes.

Weddings in the Scottish Episcopal Church tend not to be just done off the peg but are tailored to the couple who are getting married.  There is not only one way for a wedding service to be, just as there is no such thing as one way for a marriage to be. Together the couple and the Rector will craft a service that speaks of your love and your commitment to each other. Whether you want something unique or something more traditional we can help we can even help with the flowers and decoration of the church.

No-one can get married in Scotland without dealing with the local Registrar. You can find details of what the law requires of you at this link – Marriage in Scotland – Clerics in Scotland are not Registrars and can only perform weddings under the legal authority of a schedule from the Registrar.

Following a change in the canons (the laws of the church) St Paul and St John the Evangelist is delighted to also offer a church wedding service to same-sex couples would with to celebrate their marriage in church.