Diocesan Makar

Detail from our Annunciation window – see more information below.

Our priest Kirstin was appointed by Bishop Kevin to be the first Diocesan Makar, you can read the appointment announcement here

A makar is a term from Scottish literature for a poet or bard, often thought of as a royal court poet, although the term can be more generally applied. The word functions in a manner similar to the Greek term ποιητής which means both maker and poet.

The bottom of this page contains links to work provided for the diocese – most recent first. You can find more over on her personal blog. As part of her sermon preparation she does a lectionary doodle and a verse most weeks on one of the upcoming lectionary readings. Still Striving For that Elusive Halo

As Diocesan Makar involves melding faith and art, the detail above of our Annunciation window with Mary reading the Bible was selected as the image for this section of our web site. Of course the Bible wasn’t around then, Mary probably couldn’t read or write and certainly wouldn’t have possessed anything as precious as a book; they were for Kings, Queens and those of importance, not for a peasant girl. However to highlight how important Mary was, she is often shown in clothes, wearing jewellery, in a home, which would not have been her reality.

Laminar Flow – for the Baptism of the Lord 2022

Unveiled – for The Feast of The Epiphany 2022

Holy Moly – for the Massacre of the Holy Innocents 2021

Glory Upon Glory – for Christmas 2021

The Great O’s – 2021

Gaudete – for Advent 3 2021

Advent 2021

Lament 27

Right Rev John M Taylor RIP

St Margaret of Scotland – 2021

Remembrance – 2021

Mighty Mite – Widow’s Mite and COP26

All Souls/All Saints – 2021