Pride Chair

God is love.  Love is Love.

As we rejoice and celebrate June as Pride month you are invited to take time to pray for, or sit in solidarity, with those who can be arrested or worse just for being who they are. The chair and prayer desk were made out of old pallets by Revd Les Ireland, Rector of St Cyprian’s, Lenzie.

This chair and prayer desk is decorated with:

66 feathers to represent joy The joy of living life to the full. 

There are 66 jurisdictions who criminalise private, consensual, same-sex sexual activity.

41 ribbons represent belonging In God’s eyes and heart all belong. 

There are 41 countries who criminalise private, consensual sexual activity between women.

12 doves to represent peace The peace which everyone deserves when going about their every day lives, being the best them they can be.

There are 12 countries in which the death penalty is imposed, or at least a possibility for private, consensual same-sex sexual activity.

14 hearts to represent love God is love, there is no fear in love, we love because God loved us first.

There are 14 countries who criminalise the gender identity and/or expression of transgender people.

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