St Margaret of Scotland

Margaret, Queen of this land
but child of another
a bargaining chip
such was a daughter’s lot.

Margaret, Queen of this land
and child of God,
a woman of precious faith.
Peace and security garnered
through a life polished with prayer
and God as her companion in all her journeying
over sea and land, through trials and tribulations.

Despite the times and seasons through which she lived,
Margaret, saint and queen,
Scotland’s precious pearl,
radiated Christ’s love and comfort

She wore the breastplate of faith and love
faith strong and true, exampled
through words and deeds of kindness’
of love in action, not done at arm’s length
in personal acts of sacrifice and service
done in secret not lauded for all to see.

She wore the helmet of hope,
hope not just for this life and for herself
but hope for all and for eternity
casting the Light of Christ throughout this land
creating light and hope were darkness and despair tried to reign.
Through healing of mind and bodies
through teaching, equipping and serving others
She shared the Gospel message of impartiality
for Margaret knew, despite her high status
that all are precious in God’s sight.

As we live through these times and seasons
where the grit of covid and its restrictions
can irritate and make us want to cast all aside
to just rid ourselves of its constant annoying itch
which we can’t quite scratch to satisfactions point.
Plant in our minds the pearl, O God,
that through such times and seasons
with the breastplate of faith and love
the helmet of hope
you will, and can hone us to be such pearls as Margaret was
so we too reflect Christ’s light in this
your land.
Pearl of Scotland

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