Advent – 2021

The days are surely coming
Abram and Sarai knew this.
Okay Sarai laughed,
and Abram scoffed,
but eventually they knew it.

The days are surely coming
Isaac and Rebekah knew this.
Okay Rebekah felt betrayed,
and Isaac married someone else,
but ultimately they knew it.

The days are surely coming
Ruth and Boaz knew this.
Okay Ruth was a pawn,
and Boaz was manipulated,
but they knew it.

The Patriarchs and Matriarchs
all knew the days were coming,
the days when God would come and reign upon the earth.
They maybe,
at first at least,
didn’t realise they too were part of the plan
but they learnt to know it.

The days are surely coming
Jerimiah cried afresh.
What the matriarchs and patriarchs had known
had been forgotten once again.
God’s promises will come true,
day and night,
be ready for the restoration
that will come.
A time when those tossed aside,
will have a seat at the only table
that really matters.
A time when those who know
bare trees of hunger,
will have a banquet
laid before them.
A time when the sun, the moon, the stars,
the seas, the waves, the land,
will cry out all of creations pain and_
God will respond;
God will keep the promise, promised long ago.
Hearts not weighed down by earth bound cares
will know joy and love unbounding.

Anchoress Julian knew,
All shall be well,
and all shall be well,
and all manner of things shall be well.
She knew the days are surely coming.

Do you?

Are you ready to take your place 
in the story cast long ago, not about a baby in a stable
but your role in the righting of the world?
Are you ready to play your part,
the part that only you can play,
in what may seem improbable? 
Your part in
loving in God's Kindom.
Are you ready?
The days are surely coming.

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