Glory Upon Glory

Amid the shadows of unwelcome,
glory breaks through.
Amid the poverty of used straw,
the glory of life glistens.
Amid the sighs of essential work,
glory is birthed.
Amid the coverings for protection,
glory rests.
Inside, safe and secure with anticipations hope
glory resides.

Meanwhile, outwith_
Amid the melancholy of not being elsewhere,
glory spills.
Amid the chill of roofless nights,
glory is sung.
Amid the warmth of a few companions
gathered round a fire
glory is felt.
Amid the last minute gifts of love
glory is proclaimed.
Glory seeping through every crack it can find.

And still_
Amid fleeing refugees, 
one eye looking anxiously back,
glory travels.
Amid the disquieting of the unfamiliar,
glory waits in silent presence.
Amid souls and bodies contracted with pain,
glory sparks.
Amid those who feel dark encompassing them
glory knocks.

The glory of the One and Only
the glory of the Word
the glory of a Baby’s cry
the glory of Hope realised.
The glory of a star proclaiming
a glorious new beginning for the world.

Members of the diocese recorded this into a video for Christmas Day 2021.

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